As a valuable contributor to our university community, the safety and well-being of our workforce is our priority. We are committed to supporting you during the ongoing repopulation efforts. Our collective goal is to achieve 100% in rotation participation as we gradually increase frequency onto campuses while maintaining appropriate physical distancing. Our Panthers Protecting Panthers Repopulation plan is a valuable tool to assist you with helpful information and resource references.

Professional Development

All faculty and staff are asked to complete the following:

  • Panthers Protecting Panthers: COVID-19 Safety course.
  • Kognito – At-Risk for Faculty and Staff course required to understand Students in Distress.
  • Compliance courses assigned by the Office of Compliance & Integrity.

As new information and training becomes available, it is important for all faculty and staff to take note of new course announcements and complete them by the assigned dates.

Division of Information Technology Resources

All employees are to remain connected to secure systems during normal working hours and follow all university policies related to access, data security and data confidentiality. Please refer to the Division of Information Techonlogy’s Remote Work page for more information.

The FIU PantherTech remains open with limited operation hours to assist our university community via special drive-through. Please visit for appointment and special instructions.

Visit or contact the university’s Division of Information Technology for additional support at (305) 348-2284.

For additional general remote work questions, please visit our HR COVID-19 FAQ’s.

Returning to Campus

All faculty and staff must complete the Panthers Protecting Panthers: COVID-19 Safety course at Type “COVID” in the search bar to find the course. Note: The Safety course is updated periodically as new information and procedures are provided by the COVID Response Team based upon the science.

Next, if you haven’t done so already, be sure to download the FIU P3 app. The FIU P3 app allows faculty, staff and students to complete a safety screening questionnaire prior to coming to campus. The app will also be used as a tool to educate and inform our FIU community on COVID-19 in accordance to CDC guidelines. To get started with the app complete the following steps:

First step: Download or access the app via

Second step: Complete the questionnaire in advance of your campus visit. This should be done each time prior to entering any FIU campus.

Third step: You will receive a notification as to whether you can proceed visiting campus based on your submission.