Jobs in the Academic Support Services job family provide administrative services that support the academic mission and goals of the university. This job family provides administrative support and academic services for students, program evaluations, assessments, accreditation, and performs statistical and institutional research. Primary consideration for placement into this job family is subject-matter expertise and may require advanced knowledge and expertise in order to perform needed services. This job family performs a broad range of duties with varying degrees of complexity. Employees may progress to other levels as long as minimum qualifications are met and there is a business need for that level of work to be performed. Student services seek to increase the retention, engagement, and success of students at FIU by providing tutoring, academic program guidance, skill assessment and development, and related services.

Job Specifications are available for review to FIU employees within PantherSoft. For individuals who are not affiliated with FIU who seek this information, please visit the Public Records Request page for details on how to submit a request.