At FIU, our people are everything! We recognize that building the future requires a workforce that is innovative, dynamic and flexible. Aligned with FIU’s strategic plan, we have developed an agile workforce program that provides leadership the necessary flexibility required to provide first-class education and services to our students, faculty, staff and constituents.

Our flexible work program is comprised of several best practices focused on both workplace and schedule flexibility.This site provides you an overview of programs available and resources to guide our workforce with the request and approval process to participate in a flexible work arrangement.

We’re proud of our Panther workforce and look forward to building the future of our FIU together!

What flexible work options are available?

In addition to traditional on-campus worksite location, management has the ability to implement flexible work arrangements to maximize its human capital, service delivery and strategic operational needs.

  • Hybrid: Employee’s work is performed in a combination of remote and on-campus location(s).
  • Compressed Work Schedule Option: Employee works their assigned number of hours in less than 5 days in one week, or fewer than 10 days in one pay period.
  • Flexible Work Schedule (Flextime): Employee’s starting or ending time may be flexible.
  • Temporary Alternative Work Site (Flex Place): Employee works at an alternative work site for a defined period of time. This remote work option ranges from two (2) weeks to six (6) months.
  • Remote: Employee’s work is performed 100% from an approved remote location.

When implementing a flexible work arrangement, it is understood that the university’s core operating hours (8 am – 5 pm EDT) must be observed at all times to make sure our commitment to service excellence is not compromised.

Who is eligible for a flex work arrangement?

A flex work arrangement may not be suitable for all positions, and will be considered on a case-by-case basis to determine if the duties of the position can be adequately performed by working off-site.

All employees considering flex work must be in good standing.

How is a flexible work option request initiated?

To initiate a flexible work agreement request, employees should first discuss their interest with their supervisor.

Employees should then access the agreement via PantherSoft HR – Flexible Work Arrangement tile.

Can a request for a flexible work option be denied?

Supervisors of select positions within the university reserve the right to implement flexible worksite and scheduling options for their respective teams, with permission from their Business Unit Head. These arrangements may not be suitable for all; therefore, supervisors are entitled to grant, deny, adjust or end any flexible work arrangements based on the business needs of their area or other considerations. For fully remote work arrangements, an additional level of approval is required from the Division of Human Resources.

Additionally, the university reserves the right to refuse and/or terminate the agreement and require the employee to report to work on site with 15 calendar days written notice.

Getting started with a flexible option

A flexible agreement has been approved- what are the next steps?

  • Ensure there is a clear mutual understanding of, and agreement on, work assignments, schedules and expectations.
  • Refer to the Supervisor and Employee Guides as needed.

Renewal and Review:

  • All Flexible Work Arrangements are subject to a ongoing review to ensure they continue to be effective. Supervisors are expected to continually reevaluate their direct reports to ensure performance standards.

Be sure to explore the resources provided on this page for further information on how to successfully participate in the Flexible Work Arrangement Program.