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Tender Loving Care Brigade

Listed below are the committee members of the TLC Brigade:

Appointment to the TLC Brigade Committee is made jointly by the President and the Vice President of Human Resources. Members of this committee will serve on a volunteer capacity. The TLC Brigade meets as often as deemed necessary to review matters requiring faculty/staff assistance, as well as, to plan for future endeavors.

Trudy Fernandez
Director, HR Relations
TLC Bridge Coordinator

Isabel Alfonsin Vittoria, LMHC, CEAP
Office of Employee Assistance
Barbara Bader
Educational Leadership Enhancement Program
Maria Kulick
Center for Academic Success
Gisela Casines
Associate Dean
College of Arts and Sciences
Maelyn Norin-Liedke
Chief of Staff
College of Medicine
  Julissa Castellanos
Director, Office of the Vice Provost
Biscayne Bay Campus
Anet Saumell
College of Public Health & Social Work
Katherine Schauers
Golden-Golden Panther (Retiree)
College of Education
Mary Helen Hayden
Assistant Professor & Associate Director
College of Public Health & Social Work

*Please note that the intent of this program is to demonstrate kindness, respect and appreciation for employees and Golden Panthers of the university. While it is the desire of the administration to assist employees and Golden Panthers who may be in need of special assistance whenever feasible, regretfully, it is impossible to assist all employees and Golden Panthers. Therefore, it is understood that the members of the TLC Brigade and the administrators involved will be required to exercise discretion in determining if and when assistance is to be given.

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