2014 “SEOTY” Student Employee of the Year Award Nomination Form

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Eligibility Criteria:

Please respond to the following questions or statements describing why this student is deserving of being named “FIU Student Employee of the Year”.

Service Excellence - Describe ability of the student to embody the vision of the University to always provide the highest level of customer service.

Quality of Work/Reliability - Describe the outstanding quality of work of your nominee and the ability of the student to consistently produce high grade and superior level of work. Tell how this student exhibited reliability beyond your expectations.

Attitude and Professionalism - Describe willingness to develop partnerships with others and ability to build strong relations with people at all levels across the unit and contribute to building a positive team spirit. Tell how the student displays exceptional professionalism in his or her duties.

Leadership/Initiative - Describe a time in which your nominee showed extraordinary initiative and how their attitude inspires others to perform at a higher level than they believe possible.

Diversity and Respect - Describe how this student contributed to an environment where differences were valued and encouraged.

Uniqueness - What unique contribution has this employee given to your department.

DEADLINE: Friday, February 28, 2014