As you are aware, FIU will begin implementing a temporary Remote Work/Work From Home Program throughout the university this week that will allow a significant number of our employees to work remotely. The university continues to remain fully operational during a time where aggressive efforts are being initiated to increase social distancing to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

This decision to increase remote work options among our faculty and staff is an important action FIU is taking to help keep our employees healthy while still serving our students, faculty and staff who need to work on campus in order to fulfill the academic mission of the university.

Given the magnitude of this shift to our workforce, Monday can be dedicated to preparing remote-eligible roles for this workplace model. Remote-eligible roles are those that are not customer facing or do not require physical presence on campus in order to perform essential jobs that are vital to campus operations as we serve our students, faculty, and staff. Only supervisors and personnel whose jobs cannot be fulfilled remotely or are vital to university operations are expected to report to work on campus. All other employees are to fully transition to a remote work model beginning Monday, March 16. Employees who are unsure of their status must seek guidance from their supervisor. Supervisors are encouraged to consider various options toward the increase of social distancing. Social distancing information is here for your review.

Employees in non-benefits earning or special categories, such as temporary and student employees, are also expected to work remotely during this time period. Supervisors are expected to direct and manage employees and their work assignments, as usual, to ensure the university remains fully operational.

The Supervisor Reference Guide may be found here. Guidelines for employees regarding remote work may be found here along with best practices. Please review them and complete the exercises noted. Supervisor/employee discussions, position descriptions, and departmental COOPs should serve as references to completion of the exercises. A telework agreement is forthcoming.

The expectations in a remote work model are as follows:

  • All employees, on-site and working remotely, will fulfill all of their normal duties to the degree possible, and work hours.
  • All employees are to remain connected to secured systems during working hours and follow all University policies related to access, data security, and data confidentiality. Employees should contact the Division of Information Technology at 305-348-2284 for technology related questions.
  • If employees are in roles that do not traditionally accommodate remote work, supervisors are expected to assign other work, projects or professional development that can be performed remotely. The Division of Human Resources will assist in identifying alternative work assignments for these employees.

During this unusual time, it is imperative that supervisors work with each member of their team to confirm the remote work assignment, provide guidance for remote work, and set expectations. The work from home arrangement is to begin Monday, March 16, 2020 to the extent possible. Please avoid coming to campus and if you do, please stay away from others.

An employee who is unable to work due to a family care emergency may use accrued leave balances or leave without pay, to account for time away from work, with supervisory approval. All employees are still required to submit time through the normal payroll process by the appropriate deadlines. The Office of Employee Assistance remains available to support our faculty and staff.


Based on the escalating coronavirus pandemic, and for the benefit of the entire community, FIU has transitioned to a temporary remote work for as many roles as possible until further notice. If you need Human Resources assistance below is a list of departmental emails that can be used to reach our subject matter experts.

Email: – General Human Resources
Email: – Human Resources Administration
Email: – Benefits Administration
Email: – Compensation
Email: – Employee & Labor Relations
Email: – HR Records
Email: – Civil Rights Compliance and Accessibility
Email: – Human Resources Information Systems
Email: – HR Relations
Email: – Office of Employee Assistance
Email: – Payroll
Email: – Recruitment
Email: – Talent Acquisition & Management/ Professional Development
Email: – Human Resources Leave of Absence

Our Human Resources Service Center is fully operational and can be contacted at (305) 348-2181. It will be our pleasure to route your call to the appropriate department for service.

If you need technical support please submit a service request please visit

For Coronavirus Updates and Frequently Asked Questions please visit

For any emergency related assistance please contact FIU Police at (305) 348-2626.

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