Prospective Employees - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

You may apply at our website by visiting If you are an External applicant, please select Prospective Employees. If you are a current FIU employee, please select Current Employees. For Faculty positions, please visit

  •  You will then be redirected to our Careers portal. If you haven’t already done so, please create an account.

  • Once an account is created, you will be able to apply to any job of your interest.
  • Please keep in mind the following:
    • Use Firefox Mozilla or Google Chrome
    • Only have the application open, close all other windows.
    • The system will log you off after 20 minutes for security purposes.
    • If problem persists, please clear you cache.

Can my application time-out?

Yes. You are timed-out after 20 minutes of inactivity. Also, throughout the application ensure that you are clicking the “Save” button. This will allow you to save your application and if timed out, you can re-enter into your Careers account. Click My Activities and under Applications you will find your application and the position with a status of Not Submitted. You can then re-enter into your application and finalize the application.

What happens if I am timed out?

Unless you save your work as you go, once you time-out all data entered and not saved will be lost. If you save your work, but then go over the 20 minute time-out, you lose anything entered after the last save.

How can I prevent being timed out?

Saving your application will ensure that your application does not time-out. If you get interrupted in the middle of filling out the application, take the time to “Save” prior to leaving your workstation. Please ensure that the only webpage open on your browser is Use recommended browsers (Firefox Mozilla or Google Chrome).

How to submit an application on Draft Mode?

Please log into your careers account by visiting and follow the below steps:

  • Click on My Activities link

  • Find the applications, it will read Not Submitted on the status column

  • Select the appropriate application and continue the submission process
  • Please remember to hit Submit Application
  • If you select Save as Draft you will be able to go back in and make changes

What is the administrative/staff recruitment process?

Once your application is received, it will be screened by the assigned Recruiter. If your qualifications match those of the evaluative criteria established by the Hiring Manager, your credentials will be submitted to the Hiring Manager for consideration. If your qualifications are not deemed to be a match, you will still be able to express interest to other opportunities. Applicants who progress to the next stage of the process will be contacted by either the Recruiter or the Hiring Manager to schedule an interview to further discuss qualifications for the position of interest. Candidates who are interviewed, but not selected for the position will be contacted by the assigned Recruiter or the Hiring Manager. All final decisions are made by the Hiring Manager, in consultation with the Division of Human Resources.

What is the student/temporary employee recruitment process?

Our student/temporary employment recruitment process differs from our administrative/staff procedure. Once an application has been submitted, our office forwards it to the hiring department for review. If your qualifications meet the hiring departments need and you are selected for an interview, the department will contact you.

Do FIU positions require U.S. citizenship or a legal permanent residency?

We encourage all applicants to apply to our positions. At the time of hire it is the applicants’ responsibility to provide proper documentation for employment purposes. Otherwise, each department decides if they are able to sponsor individuals to work for the university.

What to do when I forget my password or username?

If you have forgotten your username or password please select Sign In. 

You will then be redirected to the Login page.

Select Forgot User Name to find your username or Forgot Password to find your password.

How do I complete the background check?

In order to complete the background check you will need to follow the instructions sent by our background check vendor, TrueScreen. If you haven’t already received it, you will soon receive an email from with the following content:

How to add references?

  • Go to and sign in.
  • Select My Activities.
  • Select the job you would like to add references.

  • Please add your References by selecting the Manage Reference link. Make sure to click Save.

How to complete a sign on packet?

Please log in to your careers account by visiting and follow the below steps:

  • Click on My Notifications.

  • Click on You have a job offer.

  • Click on Acknowledge Offer, then press Accept.

  • Scroll down the page and enter your Social Security Number.

  • Click on Sign on Admin and Staff and complete the form.

Current Employees - Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for a Graduate Assistant to also work as a Student Assistant?

Graduate School does not permit employment outside of the 20 hour per week assistantship without an approved petition waiver. Requests for additional or outside employment are rarely approved.

How many hours can a student work during the summer or holiday break?

In order for students to take advantage of the “IRS” Student FICA Exception Standards, and as an International Student, a student can only work a maximum of 20 hours per week. However, during semester breaks, students can work up to 30 hours per week and still retain their exception status.

Having been a previous employee, do I have to complete a new sign-on?

All employees who have been terminated for more than a year need to complete a Sign On packet in order to be placed on payroll. The complete Sign On packet, employment documents, employment eligibility form (Form I-9), and loyalty oath should be received by the Employee Records department for processing by the appropriate payroll deadline.

How can I update my personal information such as address change, direct deposit, and W-4?

Address Change: You can update your address via Employee Self-Service accessible through the employee tab at
Navigation: MyFIU > Human Resources Self Service > Employee Self-Service > Personal Information > Home and Mailing Address.

Direct Deposit: You can update your direct deposit via Employee Self-Service accessible through the employee tab at
Navigation: MyFIU > Human Resources Self Service > Employee Self-Service > Payroll and Compensation > Direct Deposit.

W-4 Tax Information: You can update your W-4 tax information via Employee Self-Service accessible through the employee tab at
Navigation: MyFIU > Human Resources Self Service > Employee Self-Service > Payroll and Compensation > W-4 Tax Information.

Can my name be different from my Social Security Card?

No, an employee’s name should be as it appears on the Social Security Card.

Am I or my dependent eligible to participate in the FIU/State Group Insurance Program?

Certain State of Florida employees, retirees, and their dependents are eligible to participate in the benefits offered under the State Group Insurance Program. To learn more, please click here.

How much is the Health Insurance Premium Rate?

To view the current Health Insurance Premium Rates, please refer to MyBenefits page on the Department of Management Services site.

I’m turning 65. Do I need to enroll in Medicare even though I’m enrolled in FIU’s health plan?

If you are planning to keep your FIU health plan, you may defer to enroll in Medicare B (which has premiums) and simply enroll in Medicare A (which usually has no premiums). When you leave FIU, you have eight (8) months to sign up for Part B without a penalty, whether or not you choose COBRA or retiree health coverage. To sign up for Part B while you’re employed, or during the eight (8) months after employment ends, contact the Social Security Administration (SSA) directly. Upon separation, you will need the “Request for Employment Information” form from SSA which is provided by the Benefits team upon request.

When is it required to report and follow the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave process?

The employee or department is required to report leave to HR if it consists of the following:

  • Leave of four (4) or more consecutive days
  • Employee’s conditions requiring an overnight stay in a hospital or other medical care facility
  • Conditions that incapacitate the employee or a family member for four (4) consecutive days or longer
  • Chronic conditions that cause occasional periods when the employee or employee’s family member are incapacitated and require treatment by a health care provider at least twice a year (Intermittent Leave)
  • Maternity/Paternity leave

Is FMLA Paid Leave?

The FMLA is unpaid leave. However, employees at FIU are required to use their accrued sick leave and vacation leave hours. Upon depletion of sick leave, vacation leave hours, and other benefits (sick leave pool, catastrophic pool, if applicable), the employee will be placed on leave without pay status with the option of continuation of group health insurance coverage under the same terms as if the employee had not taken leave.

What does Workers Compensation insurance cover?

Workers’ Compensation pays hospital and medical expenses that are necessary to diagnose and treat your injury. It also provides disability payments while you are unable to work (typically, about two-thirds of your regular salary), and may pay for rehabilitation, retraining, and other benefits as well.

How long after an accident do I have to report it?

You should report the accident as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days or your claim may be denied. Reference: Section 440.185, Florida Statutes.

Can I go to my personal primary care physician?

No. Personal health insurance will not pay for a work-related injury. Medical treatment for work-related injuries is covered by using medical providers through referral from AmeriSys. Otherwise, you may be responsible for payment of unauthorized medical services.

Does Workers’ Compensation cover injuries that occur going to or coming from work?

No, injuries occurring in route are not compensable. Special rules apply when using a state vehicle.

Will I be paid if I miss time due to the Workers' Compensation injury?

The first 40 hours of missed work will be paid under Workers’ Compensation Administrative Leave, which may also be used intermittently when attending medical appointments. After the 40 hours, two thirds of your pre-injury wages are paid by the State Workers’ Compensation. The remaining one-third may be paid by using your available accrued personal leave (sick, annual, or compensation). This combination allows you to receive a full bi-weekly paycheck. Non-benefit employees do not receive the first 40 hours of Workers’ Compensation Administrative Leave.

Mid-Year Checkpoint FAQs

Why am I seeing the PEP document for 2019-2020, the fiscal year isn’t over yet?

This year, to encourage conversations between supervisors and their team members, we are opening the PEP in January instead of July. This will allow supervisors to review goals and professional development completed as part of the Next is Now, adjust if needed, and begin writing the competencies section.

When is the PEP actually due?

The PEP deadline will be September 30th, 2020.

Do I need to submit or do anything in PantherSoft?

Supervisors are not required to complete anything in PantherSoft. However, we do encourage supervisors to review the goals in the PEP and revise them if necessary.

How do I update the goals?

Goals may be updated by editing the comments in the text box located below the title of each goal.

Can employees edit their own goals?

Only supervisors have access to edit comments, add, or remove goals in the Manager Evaluation. Any edits that employees make on the Self-Evaluation in the Goals Section, will not be reflected in Manager Evaluation.

What if the goals have not changed since they were set?

Supervisors should review goal progress and discuss them with their team members. For example, if the employee has only attended 5 professional development hours in the last six months discuss how they will achieve the other 15 by the end of the fiscal year.

Should I delete the goals that are no longer relevant?

It’s recommended that managers DO NOT delete the goals, but just state in the comments that “the goal has been removed/or delayed to the following year due to shifting priorities”. This helps make sure that past goals are documented, even if they are currently no longer relevant.

Can I add new goals?

Yes, new goals may be added to Section 2 – Previous Year’s Goals and Accomplishments, by clicking on the plus sign at the bottom of the section

Do I need to have a conversation with my employee if there are any adjustments to the goals?

Having a conversation is vital since employees should be aware of any changes made to the goals they are accountable for and have an opportunity to provide feedback before they are set.

Should I enter comments in the competencies section?

Entering comments in Section 3 – Competencies will save you time at the end of the fiscal year, when the PEPs are due. It will also help you remember events that have happened in the first six months of the fiscal year.

Where can I find more resources about the PEP?

A shortcut to the PEP toolkit for managers is located on the main HR website ( The toolkit contains step-by-step instructions, templates, and links to PEP webinars.

HR Directory

The Division of Human Resources

Modesto A. Maidique Campus
11200 SW 8 ST PC -224
Miami, FL 33199
Phone: (305) 348-2181
Main Email:
Biscayne Bay Campus
3000 NE 151 ST HL-322
Miami, FL 33181
Phone: (305) 919-5545

DHR Administration

  • Provides strategic planning and evaluation of the Division’s budget.
  • Performs analysis and projections for use in administrative decision making, and oversees audit matters.
  • Administers, evaluates, plans, and implements all of the human resources programs and services.


Benefits Administration

  • Provides and administers all of the university’s benefits programs, insurance programs, tax deferred annuities, and retirement programs.
  • Ensures all programs meet employees’ needs, comply with legal requirements, and are cost effective.
  • Researches and recommends new benefits programs.
  • Processes biweekly and monthly payments as required to various benefits vendors.
  • Maintains employee and retiree benefits database.


Biscayne Bay Campus Office

  • Manages the recruitment and onboarding process of all BBC employees.
  • Identifies and facilitates professional development opportunities to employees at BBC.
  • Identifies, promotes, and facilitates wellness initiatives for all BBC employees.
  • Provides compensation related information, tools, and training to HR Liaisons and department managers.
  • Provides advice and guidance to HR Liaisons and managers in the processing of HR transactions.
  • Assists employees and supervisors with the resolution of issues, concerns, or difficulties they may be experiencing in the workplace.
  • Provides assistance to employees and supervisors in the Performance Management process.


Compensation Administration

  • Develops compensation programs, policies, and procedures to meet the needs of the university administrators as they attract, retain, motivate, develop, and organize their diverse workforce.
  • Ensures compliance with federal and state compensation laws, statutes, and regulations.
  • Balances the need for internal equity while recognizing the desire to be market competitive.
  • Evaluates positions consistently and classifies them into appropriate job titles ensuring that they are internally equitable while recognizing the need to be market competitive.
  • Develops and maintains the classification and compensation structures.


Employee and Labor Relations

  • Develops and implements university Policies and Procedures.
  • Coordinates and administers the complaint/grievance/arbitration processes.
  • Reviews and approves Nepotism Disclosures.
  • Administers the Work/Life Balance Programs.
  • Manages the Separation of Employment/Exit Review Process.


Employee Records

  • Maintains all employee records to ensure compliance and confidentiality.
  • Works with General Counsel in responding to subpoenas and records requests when releasing employee information.
  • Provides written and verbal employment verification.
  • Processes unemployment claims and other employment related inquiries.
  • Screens all new hires and existing employees on federal contracts via E-Verify.


IDEA - Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access

  • Investigates complaints of unlawful discrimination against men and women on the basis of any federally protected category including sex, race, religion, color, national origin, age, physical or mental disabilities, pregnancy discrimination, and veterans of the United States military.
  • Provides guidance regarding policies and mediates disputes between FIU personnel and/or students.
  • Communicates the university’s commitment of inclusivity by conducting trainings in a number of key areas including Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) policies, Affirmative Action (AA) legislation, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and amendments, sexual harassment, as well as diversity policies, procedures, programs, and initiatives.
  • Assists with the coordination of reasonable and appropriate accommodations for employees with documented disabilities.
  • Manages the university’s Access and Equity Committee and its efforts.


Human Resources Information Systems

  • Identifies, plans, and implements HRIS changes and updates in order to meet the strategic needs of the Division.
  • Implements new procedures and or applications to simplify time-consuming transactions through the automation of administrative tasks and departmental workflows, while fostering a paperless and more efficient working environment.
  • Provides production support activities such as technical data analysis, upgrade testing, and documentation of human resources processes.
  • Ensures timely and accurate delivery of all required interfaces and/or reporting to university internal departments, state and federal government agencies.
  • Acts as the liaison between the Division of IT and functional end users to bridge the gap between technical and functional requirements of the Division.
  • Merges the different parts of human resources, including payroll, labor productivity, and benefit management into a less capital-intensive system.


Human Resources Service Center

  • Responds in a timely manner to all incoming human resource inquiries via our main number.
  • Identifies areas of enhancement to increase customer service satisfaction and overall Division efficiency.
  • Verifies eligibility and approves Tuition Waiver requests for employees and/or their eligible dependents.
  • Provides information and support with Division services pertaining to employee health, dental, life, supplemental, and retirement programs; Payroll inquiries; Policies and procedures; and HR communications.


HR Relations

  • Serves to develop and promote programs and services that foster a positive and enriching work environment.
  • Plans and manages university events such as the Employee Picnic, Employee Recognition and Service Awards, and President Holiday Celebration among others.


Office of Employee Assistance

  • Provides confidential professional assistance, without charge, to help employees and their families resolve personal problems that affect their personal lives or job performance.
  • Enhances the quality of life of FIU faculty and staff.
  • Creates a healthier campus community by providing mental health assessments, brief interventions and/or referrals, small group facilitations, crisis responses, and customized educational and training programs.



  • Provides cost-effective payroll processing that is accurate, timely, and in compliance with university policy and all state and federal agencies.
  • Ensures all deductions, benefits, and taxes are correctly deducted and reported timely to the appropriate agency.
  • Attains the most current understanding of state, federal, and university regulations regarding payroll in order to provide accurate information.
  • Provides assistance to the university community with the resolution of operational problems related to employee salaries.
  • Advises HR Liaisons and managers in payroll related matters including processing of salary payments, time and leave reporting, and related accounting and reporting.
  • Maintains a high-level of involvement and quality communication with the departments to ensure that service is responsive and supportive to their needs and goals.


Talent Acquisition and Management

  • Administers the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding process for FIU employees.
  • Manages the relevant background checks for faculty, staff, and volunteers.
  • Conducts the new employee orientation and collaborates with the Office of the Provost on the new faculty orientation.
  • Provides professional development opportunities to faculty and staff both in-person and online.
  • Develops talent through leadership development, organizational consulting, succession planning, and talent reviews.
  • Oversees the performance management process for all administrative and staff positions.


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