Organizational Development

In times of change, it is crucial to have a trusted advisor who understands your work environment and has the best interest of the organization in mind. The Talent Acquisition and Management team offers organizational consulting services that help managers make the changes needed for the success of their team. Our consultation may focus on an individual leader, team, or department using various approaches or tools such as a talent review, succession planning, and coaching.

To request a free initial consultation please contact Talent Acquisition and Management by email at, or call (305) 348-3206.

Talent Review

How do your team members measure up when it comes to their performance and potential? Analyzing your team can be a useful tool when formulating your strategy, creating development plans, or even to determine incentives. A talent review allows managers to see the big picture and make those important decisions that affect their team.

Succession Planning

When a key employee leaves unexpectedly, performance can decrease. Preparation and planning is critical to prevent loss of productivity for an extended period of time. Succession planning is the process for identifying and developing people internally. More than just determining who is “next in line,” our team will assist you in establishing a pipeline of experienced and capable employees ready to assume roles or responsibilities when they become available.

Change Management

Going through an organizational change? Is your department restructuring? The steps managers take in the initial phases of the process are vital to a successful outcome. We will guide you through the transition with the relevant HR departments to ensure your transition goals are achieved.


Do you have a high performing supervisor in your area with behaviors that might prevent them from progressing to the next level in their career? Some managers have a trait or characteristic that might prevent their team from achieving great results. Using assessments and one-on-one coaching, we help managers create self-awareness and employ practical strategies to achieve their goals.

Customized Training

The essential skills and knowledge for most positions are learnable, but those may be different between departments. We design and customize interactive educational experiences tailored specifically to your departmental needs. A needs analysis is conducted before the session is delivered to ensure that specific issues are addressed.

New Manager Resources

Policies and Procedures

All new managers must familiarize themselves with the policies and procedures relevant for their area.

Collective Bargaining

Five collective bargaining units (unions) are represented at FIU. Identify whether any of your direct reports are covered by a collective bargaining agreement and review their respective Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). 

PantherSoft Manager Self-Service Transactions

Approving Time and Leave for your Team (Time Management)
Performance Evaluations (Performance Management)
Revisions of Employee Duties or Classification (ePRF – Discuss this transaction with your unit’s HR Liaison or with Compensation Administration prior to submission)
Manager Forms Library:  Login to go to Human Resources Self Service> Manager Self Service> Manager Resources> Manager Forms

Onboarding New Employees

You will play a key role in the hiring and assimilation of new team members. For a detailed checklist for onboarding new employees click here.

Professional Development

Recommended e-Learning for New Managers:

Develop Your Skills as a New Manager

Supervising Student Employees at FIU

Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Education Advancement Program (LEAP) is designed to help FIU’s supervisors learn and practice leadership skills which are crucial to managing and inspiring their teams.