Conducts research and development activities related to the design, development, fabrication, modification, installation, and testing of state-of-the-art equipment, electronics, or electronic components in a lab or research setting. Functions include providing technical and professional expertise to projects such as research design and implementation, instrumentation, equipment development, maintenance management, statistical and data management, training and oversight regarding safe laboratory operations, supervision and training of students, and participation and authoring of research reports.

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Job CodeJob TitleCareer LevelJob SpecificationSummary
4630Engineer IProfessional Level P1View Job Specification View Summary
4633Engineer IIProfessional Level P2View Job Specification View Summary
6516Machinist ISupport Level S3View Job Specification View Summary
6520Machinist IISupport Level S4View Job Specification View Summary
9281Senior Engineer IProfessional Level P3View Job Specification View Summary
4631Senior Engineer IIProfessional Level P4View Job Specification View Summary